Troels Keldmann
M.Sc. Ph.D. MBA

Life Science, Medtech and Healthcare-IT

• Interim Management
• Project Management

Business Development


Headed an awarded drug delivery company from foundation to exit, focused on partnerships and licensing. Headed Healthcare-IT company from solution development, implementation and operation in hospital departments.

20+ years

of Experience

• Commercialization
• Business-to-business communication
• Partnering & Licensing
• Divestment and M&A
• Innovation
• R&D and IPR

Project and Interim


Business Development Services in Life Science, Medtech and Healthcare-IT

  • Commercialization
  • B2B communication
  • Partnering & Licensing
  • Divestment and M&A
  • Innovation
  • R&D and IPR

Key skill

Identification and realization of Life Science, Medtech and Healthcare-IT business opportunities, through multi-disciplinary collaboration internally and externally.

Key contribution

Value adding business impact with attention to stakeholder needs, through creative use of internal and external resources: Scientific, IPR, commercial, legal and regulatory.

Interim and Project services

Commercialization of product, service, technology or IPR

  • Analyze market opportunities
  • Define applications/positioning of technology, product or service
  • Define commercialization approach
  • Design Business model
  • Build business cases
  • Prepare presentations for management and board

Business-to-business communications and profiling

  • Specify and author website content and visuals
  • Define online presence in advertising and social media
  • Author conference presentations
  • Establish publishing in trade journals and magazines

Partnering and licensing for R&D and commercialization

  • Define partnering/licensing strategy
  • Identify partners and initiate dialogue
  • Create non-/confidential material for partners due-diligence
  • Define and negotiate terms for partnership/licensing
  • Negotiate agreements
  • Manage partnership and communicate with partners
  • Resolve partnership conflicts and re-negotiate terms

Divestment and M&A

  • Identify assets to be divested
  • Create Teaser, Mgmt. Presentation, Information Memorandum
  • Structure and establish Virtual Data Room for buyers due-diligence
  • Search for buyers. Visualize synergy . Initiate dialogue
  • Negotiate deal terms

Innovation, R&D and IPR

  • Define IPR strategy
  • Engage external R&D ressources
  • Scope innovation projects
  • Manage innovation projects